Elswick truss frame safety bicycle model D

Elswick was an English manufacturer of quality bicycles. I photographed one at the Beaulieu Autojumble 2015. Seller stated it was built in 1893. I have seen Elswick catalogues of 1892 and 1895 and this Model D is visible in both, in different versions. Differences with this bicycle are however: the chainwheel, handlebars and brake shoe.  
Characteristic of Elswick are the crossing down tubes. They called it the 'truss frame'. In the catalogue they state that this keeps the ball head absolutely straight. As their usp Elwick hung on to the construction for many years, at least until 1935.
Elswich also built safeties with cross frames and safeties with normal down tube. It could be hard to recognise these. When we look at this bicycle, however, it has a very special brake shoe on the front wheel.
I do not know if all Elswicks had this. The illustrations in the catalogues show a normal spoon and there is no mention of this brake. Maybe this bicycle is the 1896 model? Anyone who knows: please contact me!

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